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Are You Experiencing Hearing Loss?

You’re reading this message because either you or someone you know is experiencing signs of a hearing loss. Conversations are strained. Details aren’t forgotten; they’re just “not heard.”  The doorbell goes unanswered, and much to the chagrin of your loved one, the radio blares at maximum sound. We hope that your oven hasn’t caught on fire because the timer alarm was accidentally ‘ignored.’ Or that you heard your grandson’s cry when his diaper needed changing.  When a person has trouble hearing, they may realize their marvelous auditory gift has been taken for granted. Don’t procrastinate. If you’ve been traipsing through the myriad of hearing centers, Hear More Medical Centers of America are the hearing professionals you’ve been searching for.

Hear what some of our clients have to say:

  • Upon arrival to Florida, my mother suffered a freak accident shattering her hearing aid in her ear during a fall. We did not have a provider. I contacted Michael Moore and he immediately provided the help we needed in a very kind and caring way. He not only examined her ear, assuring us she did not incur any internal damage, he also had the hearing aid remade very quickly, and then fine-tuned it making it exactly right for her. Michael is professional and very knowledgeable. Having found an incredible Hearing Aid Specialist, I had to share our great experience!

    Pamela N in The Villages, FL
  • “Dr. Moore was excellent in helping me with my hearing problem. He was knowledgeable and answered any question I had. He demonstrated my new hearing aids, and showed me how to fit them in my ears. The office was clean and friendly. The staff was very nice. I would highly recommend Dr. Moore.”

    Dan in Summerfield FL
  • “I would “highly, highly” recommend Michael Moore to anyone who wears hearing aids. He has a vast knowledge in his field. He offers full service for your aids. He is not a hard salesman to buy aids. Mr. Moore has your best interest at heart at all times. His mannerism is very easy going makes you feel like you are dealing with a family member. I fully trusted his opinions. I can’t say enough about him as a hearing professional and a person. I would give him a 10 star.”

    Mary F in The Villages, FL
  • “I found that Michael was extremely precise. He took his time and made sure that I got the best fit possible. By doing this I am now able to hear things that i have not heard in many years. If you need hearing aids talk to Michael before you decide.”-

    John j in Zellwood FL
  • “I have been wearing hearing aids for over 40 years, and been a patient of many specialists in several states. Last year it was time for new aids and the paper was full of ads, too many choices. When I met Michael Moore, after several consultations in other locations, I knew I would be his patient for many years to come. He is very honest, trustworthy and caring and quickly becomes a member of your family. In 40 years he really stands out as someone who will think first about the patient’s needs.”

    June C in The Villages, FL
  • “I would have absolutely no reservations referring family or friends to Michael. His office was very clean and comfortable. Michael took me on time and was more interested in my hearing than the sale of a product. Michael has check with me several times to ensure that I was happy and not having any issues. Very easy referral.”

    Mark in Summerfield, FL



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