When local residents need hearing health care, they turn to the Hear More Medical Centers of America. Every patient receives individual care customized to their specific needs. Our hearing instrument specialist understands that hearing is highly personal and works to make sure you hear the sounds of your life as you should, naturally and effortlessly. Because hearing health is so closely related to mental cognition, it’s important to have your hearing tested regularly. Improve your quality of life by improving your hearing.

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    Hearing Tests

    Hearing Testing and Evaluations

    Choosing the right hearing aid starts with a clear understanding of your unique hearing loss needs. Our advanced testing procedures accurately identify whether or not you have hearing loss and measure the type and severity.

    A complete hearing evaluation identifies the sounds you can hear, as well as the ones you miss. The hearing instrument specialist will perform a variety of tests to determine how your ears are functioning and what is causing your hearing loss.

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    Hand to Ear

    Online Hearing Test

    Think You Might Have Hearing Loss?

    Take our free, 5-minute online test to get a better understanding of your hearing health. It can determine if a professional screening is right for you.

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    Hearing Aid Services

    Finding the Perfect Match.

    Hearing loss looks different for everyone, and as a result, there are a number of hearing aid varieties on the market. Through careful evaluations and custom fittings, we’ll help you find the best device for your hearing loss needs.

    Hearing Aid Services

    We Service Your Devices

    From hearing aid screening, selection and fittings, to ongoing maintenance and repairs – we offer a wide range of services to keep your hearing aids performing their best.

    If the hearing evaluation indicates that you have hearing loss, wearing hearing aids may improve your hearing and your quality of life. The hearing instrument specialist will match your hearing needs and your lifestyle with the technology that works best for you.

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    Accidents happen. Battery doors come off their hinges and hearing aids get dropped. It’s good to know that Hear More Medical Centers of America provides hearing aid repairs and performs routine maintenance too.

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