From time to time, hearing aids can stop working as efficiently as they once did. It could be because they are old or even because they have moisture inside of them after being in a steamy environment.

There are many reasons that hearing aids can be faulty or experience a hindrance to their functioning. The most common reasons to seek help from an audiologist for hearing aid repairs are as follows.

Damaged Earmold

The earmold is the part of the hearing aid that sits on the skin outside of the ear. This ensures comfort. If this becomes damaged for any reason, then it can cause the hearing aid to become loose, which might hinder their comfort and efficiency. Getting them repaired due to a damaged earmold is very common.

Broken Microphone

If the internal microphone becomes broken, then the user will experience quieter sounds or no sound at all. Hence, this can impact the person’s quality of life and hearing ability. When a microphone is broken or slightly damaged, then it is advised to seek assistance from an audiologist to get it fixed.


Moisture can often get inside the hearing aid. This can corrode the internal parts and hinder the performance of the short circuits. Although it can sometimes be impossible to avoid moisture, it is advised.

If moisture gets inside the hearing aid, then it might damage its function in the long term. They will need to be repaired so that the corrosion and short circuits can be fixed.

Tube Issues

The tube is the part of the hearing aid that sits between the earmold and the internal segment in the ear canal. It is an essential part of the hearing aid, as it is where the sound travels. If this becomes blocked or damaged, then a user will experience a hindrance to the sounds that they receive. This will need to be repaired so that the user can hear properly.

Ear Hooks Problems

The ear hook is the part of the hearing aid that hooks around the ear, which provides stability. If this is damaged, then the hearing aid can become loose. This could cause it to fall off and fall onto the floor, which can cause further damage to the hearing aid. Getting the ear hook repaired will ensure the utmost stability and all-day comfort for the user.

Sound Issues

When a user experiences issue with the sound omitted from their hearing aids, then it is best to get them repaired. This could be due to damaged tubes or other issues. If the sounds are whistling or reduced, then it can hinder the person’s quality of life. As soon as sounds issues become obvious or persistent, then ensure to get the hearing aids assessed and repaired.

As soon as a person notice issues or damages with their hearing aid, then it is essential to get them repaired. Leaving the issue unattended will impact the sound quality from the hearing and, therefore, the user’s experience.

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