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    May 2017

    May is Better Hearing and Speech month and this year’s theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.” In a 2015 hearing industry survey, only 10.6% of consumers reported hearing difficulty. Surprisingly though, a 2017 CDC survey revealed that 24% of patients ages 20-69 who reported “excellent” hearing, actually had measureable hearing damage. Add...
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    Johns Hopkins – Medicine

    Release Date: January 23, 2013 Older adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering than older adults whose hearing is normal, according to a new study by hearing experts at Johns Hopkins. In the study, volunteers with hearing loss, undergoing repeated cognition tests over six years, had cognitive abilities th...
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    April 2017

    Too Loud! For Too Long! Loud Noises Damage Hearing The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a new report in February describing noise-induced hearing loss and its association with socio-demographics and self-reported exposure to loud noise. Information from that report is summarized in this article. Hearing loss is the third most co...
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    March 2017

    Tinnitus Troubles   The American Tinnitus Association and the CDC state 10-15% of Americans (about 50 million) experience “ringing in the ears.” Tinnitus is not a disease, but a sensorineural reaction within the auditory system and parts of the brain that process sound creating the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present....
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    February 2017

    Hearing Loss Increases Risk For Falls Falls can be devastating for older adults. It is well recognized that the following factors all contribute to the risk of falling: visual problems, dementia/cognitive impairment, balance or mobility issues and multiple medications. However, untreated hearing loss also impacts the fall risk for all adults, even ...